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web experiences
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skill profile

Manuel Dugué, Görlitzer Str. 23, 01099 Dresden
+49 151 58791155 mail@manuel.fyi

about me


diploma media computer scientist


12.09.1981 in Berlin, Germany


german & french

personal interests

sports, music, photography, typography, architecture, cooking

language skills

German (native), French (native), English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Portuguese (basic), Dutch (basic)

Interests & focus

programming languages

TypeScript & JavaScript, HTML, SVG, JSON, CSS, LESS, SASS, WebGL, XML, JSON, XSLT


React, D3.js, Next.js, Three.js, Mapbox GL JS, Tailwind CSS, XState, Svelte, Node.js


VS Code, JetBrains IntelliJ, Android Studio, Git, Webpack, Docker, ChatGPT


User Experience, Performance, SEO, eCommerce, Information Visualization, Interaction Design, Web, Responsive Design, Client Development, Software Architecture, Computer Genealogy




Digital exhibition "einfach gut gemacht - politisch Bildung in Sachsen". Concept, UX, training & development. Technologies: Svelte, Contentful, GraphQL, Tailwind



Ux consulting for landing pages, testimonials, interactive widgets. Via Millemedia


2020 – 2021

Family Tree

Family trees for two other large German families. Conception, development, integration & training.



Frontend Lead for Intranet of Baselworld / Houruniverse. Development, training & consulting. Via Mch / Aperto

since 2018

Estino GmbH

B2B dashboard for digital product development, signal visualization, fleet management. Conception, UX, training & development. Technologies: NextJs, Reactjs, D3, Graphql, Apollo, dolleteer, Jest, ES6, Nodejs

since 2016

Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH, Duisburg

New design of the existing digital family for> 2,000 family members. Requirements: Infovis inspired user interface, optimization of mobile-ut, optimization of speed and loading times, link with contemporary context.

Technologies: Reactjs, Reduxjs, WebGl, Nodejs, Karma, Mocha, Webpack, Invision, Sketch

Duration: 2 months

2016 – 2020

Comvel GmbH, München

Relaunch of the booking portal Weg.de. Training of the frontend team in component-based client architecture, advice on technology transfer, exemplary implementation of individual components, code review.

Technologies: NextJs, Reactjs, Redux, Webpack, Jest, ES6, CSSNEXT, NODEJS

Duration: +24 months

2018, 2020

Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH, Duisburg

Conception & development of a digital family chronicle over 350 years of family and company history.

Topics: pitches of UX concepts, coordination with shareholder management, tooling, deployment, QA

Technologies: Reactjs, Webpack, Figma, Cssinjs, Vercel

Duration: 4 months


Schacht One, Essen

Training of employees from IT and project management in modern web development.

Goaling: Learning of techniques for protoPing, assessment of feasibility and expenses of existing and upcoming projects. Hands on with state of the art tooling.

Topics: reactjs, nodejs, ui frameworks, form handling, Qa

2016 – 2017

Wildsytle Network, Dresden

Advice regarding and implementing QA and CI strategies for microservice -based web applications. Requirements: Set up processes and tooling to measure software quality, define quality standards and to ensure high -quality automated deployments.

Technologies: Docker, NPM, Amazon Web Services, Typescript, Intern, Drone CI, Jira, Bitbucket, Threejs, WebGl

Duration: 4 months



Development of an interactive print preview for the Saxoprint.de print portal. The print data of the customers are shown on over 600 very different products (folding tents, diaper brochures, books, packaging, ...), with which interacting can be interacted according to their characteristics (turning, leafing, turning on, ...).

Technologies: Reactjs, Reduxjs, ES6/7, CSSNEXT, JASMINE/JEST, Enzyme, Webpack, Nodejs, Threejs, WebGl

Duration: 3 months

2015 – 2016

Kti Multimedia GmbH, Hamburg

Technical management when providing tender for the Games Portal from Bundesliga.de, including HTML5 Games-Channel & Kidscorner. Conception of the integration of Free2Play & Mobile games as well as social media, football and VoD content, as well as Golive tracking and SEO strategies.

Client KTI Multimedia GmbH Hamburg for DFL/Bundesliga.de.

2015 – 2016

HQ plus GmbH, Berlin

Maintenance and HTML5 porting the Hotellerie B2B software from HQ Plus. Technologies: Reactjs, Reduxjs, Flash/Flex

2015 – 2016

Millemedia GmbH, Hamburg

Support in the transformation of advertising materials to modern HTML5 ads. Building an animation kit, developing a deployment pipeline, optimization for AD-specific size specifications, optimization of the creation processes, training of the team in modern web development.

Technologies: CSS3, Gulp, Nodejs, ES6

2015 – 2017

Glashaus Till Garten GmbH, Medingen

Online shop for garden culture: accessories, furniture, garden tool.

Goal: Transporting Shopping experience of the physical shop into e-commerce counterpart, range of assortment, visibility increase.

Area of ​​responsibility: conception, technical implementation, design lead, team coordination (5 people), social media strategy

Technologies: Oxid Esales, HTML5, JavaScript, Less


2013 – 2014

Exelonix GmbH, Dresden

Android tablets for seniors. The focus is on the simplicity of the operation, remote maintenance by relatives, the focus of the apps on senior -relevant topics (health, communication, security, entertainment).

Area of ​​responsibility: responsibility of the app strategy and app development

Technologies: Java, Android, http

2012 – 2013

AVANGA Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. KG, Dresde

Interactive presentation film for leading German technology companies for use at trade shows and sales. The app is designed as a high resolution interactive HD movie. The information is enclosed by rendered movie loops, each interaction leads seamlessly into a new movie.

2011 – 2013

Sandstein Neue Medien, Dresden

Development and fine concept of virtual books for the museum termals of the Dresden Military History Museum. Permanent exhibition and exchange exhibition from November 2012. Requirement: original three-dimensional representation of extensive historical books, embedding in client-server architecture, use of hardware acceleration, gestures-based interaction.

Virtual books: Coordination of development, tests and care, draft of the software architecture.

Technologies: Adobe Air, Actioncript, Greensock Tweenlite, Away3d, Drupal, Orm, SQLite

2009 – 2012, 2014

T-Systems MMS, Dresden

family tree

As a freelance employee responsible for design, range of functions, client development, client server architecture and project manangement. Topic area: genealogy, extensive family tree. Initially developed as a flash application, the family tree was later ported with an extended range of functions according to HTML5 and JavaScript. In addition to the intuitive visual representation of complex family structures with several thousand members, PDF printing functionality, narrow integration with the surrounding jive software, use on mobile devices and instant search and filter functions are the functions of the family tree.

Technologies: HTML5, CoffeeScript / JavaScript, Spine MVC, Raphael.js, JSON, JQUARY, MODENIZR, React.Js

2008 & 2011

Vodafone Stiftungslehrstuhl, TU Dresden

Project management, production and motion design of documentation videos on research projects. With the help of the videos, the Vodafone Foundation Court successfully acquired EU funding gates.


T-Systems MMS, Dresden


Design lead in the redesign of an intranet based on SAP netweaver. Creation of the design concept in a close customer agreement and coordination of implementation.

Technologies: SAP Netweaver, RFC, CSS


Macro semantic visualization T-Systems MMS, Dresden

Conception and development of interactive company visualization. The goal was to illustrate over a thousand employees for synergy recognition, which are devoted to thousands of topics in several hundred working groups.

Technologies: Flash, Actioncript, Atlassian Confluence

seit 2008


Order work in the area of ​​web & mobile, simple CMS sites to complex web & native Android apps. Focus on client development, UX & Userterfaces. Conception, development and coordination services.

Preferred technologies: HTML5, CSS3 / CSSNEXT, ES6 / ES7, Android (Java)


2002 – 2011

diploma "media informatics" – TU Dresden, Germany

"interactive two-dimensional representation of experience time based on visited places"

Final grade: 1 (approximate equivalent: A)



research thesis – TU Dresden, Germany

"materiality and interaction", ungraded


2002 – 2009

minor "art & design" – HfBK & TU Dresden, Germany

Arts & Design

"Approximation of contemporary ornamentation using experimental film"

Final grade: 1.3 (approximate equivalent: A)

2007 – 2008

Internship – Cactus Film & Video, Mexiko

supported by Inwent / GIZ scholarship




Pestalozzi Grammar School in Unna, Germany

Advanced courses in mathematics and social sciences



arctic code vault contributor



2nd place photo competition "Go-Out Studying"


1st price logo pitch at microcomputer chair